On the Slopes

I stood in amazement as my nine-year-old son clumsily skidded to a stop at the bottom of the beginners’ slope. He had just mastered his first trip down a ski slope by himself. His first breathless words were, “Did you see me? Did you see me?” How many times have I heard that? Surely hundreds. Just before he slid down the hill to get on the ski lift for another shot at glory, he asked, “Will you be waiting here? I want to be able to see you when I get to the bottom.” Don’t you know yet, son, that I will always be waiting for you? That I will always be here to mark every mountain you conquer? I cannot say all this to a child who is ready to take on the mountain again. All I can say is, “Yes, I’ll be here.” That is enough for him. 

~ by Angie Albright on September 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “On the Slopes”

  1. Aw Angie. Being a mother is so wonderful, always.

  2. This was a very sweet story. I was waiting for the punchline, “so I hit him in the face with a snowball,” or something like that. To my surprise, I liked your ending better. 🙂

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