Digging Out I

I saw the videos on the local news of cars sliding off the roadways during our most recent round of snowstorms. I heard the reports of 24-inch record snowfall. I saw friends’ online posts about their cars being stuck in the snow. I gathered all that information, being the professional researcher I am, and backed out of my garage and got my car stuck in the snow in my driveway immediately.

I usually avoid even attempting such daring feats as driving across snow in my driveway because I always end up doing something stupid where cars are involved (see “Digging Out II”). For some reason, I boldly went forward (well, backward in this case) and got stuck. I am resourceful and stubborn if nothing else, so I went inside and donned my snow pants and fleece pull over, grabbed the only digging tool I own (a child-sized spade) and went out to solve my problem. The spade worked a little, but the most effective method was laying in the snow or on the ground near the car and just sweeping the powdery stuff out from underneath the car with my hands and arms.

It worked! I then managed to back a bit farther down the driveway. I was almost out of the driveway when I got stuck again. Of course that’s the very moment a friend and neighbor decided to play good Samaritan. He had seen my online post about getting my car stuck and came by to be helpful. I was nearly finished digging myself out again when I saw his car pull up. I was laying flat on the ground in my driveway, in the bright shiny sun, for all the world to see. He got out of his car and the first thing he said while laughing was, “Are you embarrassed?” I thought for a second and realized that it hadn’t occurred to me to be embarrassed. I felt like a proud first grader showing off her latest artwork. It wasn’t pretty but my efforts could not be denied.

Then I thought for another second and realized how absolutely ridiculous I looked. The neighbors must have enjoyed the spectacle of the wacky lady across the street laying in her driveway and trying to drive her economy car through two feet of snow.    

The upsides? The Samaritan brought me cookies; I got a cardio workout; I got to play in the snow; and my sister brought me a real snow shovel from the great white tundra of Iowa a couple of days later. I’m ready for the next round. Bring it on, Mother Nature!

~ by Angie Albright on February 15, 2011.

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