The All-Green Diet

I consider myself a fairly savvy, hip parent. I try to keep up with current teenage slang. My son proved to me recently that I’m slowing down in my middle-age.

I was out of town last week and in an effort to keep up with my teenager, I checked in on his Facebook page frequently. He mysteriously posted, “I’m on that all green diet.” (I was pretty happy that he used a period and an apostrophe.)

My first thought was a happy one. He’s been working out for basketball every day after school, so maybe he’s finally decided to eat better, too! He wants more vegetables!

But I know this kid and I had suspicions. I asked him a few days later about his new “diet.” He looked at me like I was the crazy one. He replied, “What are you talking about?”

I said, “The diet you posted about on Facebook?”

He started laughing. “Mom, the ‘all green diet’ is money. I’m just all about the cash. Why would I post something about vegetables on my status?”

A couple of observations: 1) I’m older than I think I am. Plenty of my friends post things about vegetables on Facebook, so I made the obvious mistake of thinking a teenager would, too; 2) he doesn’t HAVE any money, so I guess it really is a green diet for him, but I don’t think that’s what he meant.

~ by Angie Albright on April 23, 2011.

One Response to “The All-Green Diet”

  1. That is hilarious! I must be older than I thought, too, because I have never heard of that.

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