Mother and Son Discuss Organ Donation in Five Acts

Act I: Exposition

My 15-year-old has a very healthy sense of self-esteem and lots of body confidence. This is what we all want our children to have, but it can be pretty obnoxious sometimes, as can almost everything to do with being a teenager. Luckily my son also has an ability to be very self-aware and self-deprecating. He gets kidded by his friends and he joins in regarding his lack of a chin that he quite unfortunately inherited from my clan. I have “consoled” him on occasion by pointing out that he will also likely end up with multiple chins later in life, also from my clan.

Act II: Rising Action

Every day is a new adventure in Teenager Land. Today’s journey was to the State Revenue Office to get a state i.d. for my son who is 15 and flying by himself to Chicago next week. He needs something that verifies he’s capable of traveling alone and not an abandoned child at an airport. I’ll be honest and say that there have been moments in the last two years when dropping him off at an airport to fend for himself has been a realistic option for me, but this time it’s legit. His aunt and uncle will be at the other end of the flight in Chicago and very glad to see him.

One of the questions he got asked by the Lovely Woman (I’m serious! At the DMV!) at the counter was if he wanted to be an organ donor. He responded with an adamant “yes!” I hadn’t known he would know what to say.

Act III: Climax

When said  Lovely Woman walked away to set up the photo machine, my son turned to me and said, “I mean, really, who wouldn’t want this body donated?”

I quickly added, “Too bad you don’t have a chin to donate.”

In a split second he quipped, “Luckily you have a couple to donate. I guess that evens it out.”

Act IV: Falling Action

We both busted a gut at the counter. We were able to quiet down for a few seconds at a time, but then we’d look at each other and start the giggling all over again.

Act V: Denouement

Dangit! He’s getting good! The mark of a true wit is to speak truth, think quickly, and deliver the line completely straight. He did all that in a split second. Up until now I thought we had pretty good verbal sparring sessions but now the plot has thickened and the stakes are higher. The protagonist (me!) and antogonist (of course, the teenager) are just now sharpening their swords for an epic battle. Bring it on, son, bring it on.

~ by Angie Albright on July 14, 2011.

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