Wordless Wednesday: A Sign of Things to Come

Blaise with preschool Friends

Blaise with preschool friends Keldrick and Channler

In cleaning out and organizing old files today I happened upon an envelope full of goodies from Blaise’s preschool year at Georgia Southwestern State University’s child development center. It was the best preschool experience a child could have had. I have to laugh, though, because there was no way we could have known how prophetic this picture would be 11 years later.

1. Notice all the dishes on the floor? Yep, still happens. The boys are playing in the “house center” and apparently have no concern for the stuff in it.
2. Blaise is cheesing it up and waving at the camera. He still can’t take a picture without making a face or a joke. He’s a ham and has been since Day One.
3. He was BEST friends with the two boys in this picture. He has always run in packs and his groups of friends are still so important to him.
4. I miss my little boy.

~ by Angie Albright on November 16, 2011.

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