Why I Love Twitter, Plus a Poem


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I’m tired of hearing the stick-in-the-muds say that social media and the online world is alienating us from real human relationships. I wish I had kept a log of the myriad ways social media, Facebook and Twitter in particular, have enhanced my life and either generated genuine relationships or enhanced already existing ones. Strangers have become my acquaintances; acquaintances have become friends; friends have become family–all through this “meaningless” world of social media. I have seen people reach out online and sensed their trouble. I had the opportunity to show support, first online and eventually in person. Social media has made me a better friend, and I have had that support returned to me in abundance. I have networked online in ways that only would have been possible in the flesh through years of networking events, so my professional life has been enhanced as well. I know that my business colleague is a new parent, that she has just returned from a fabulous trip overseas, or about any number of other life-changing moments. This conversation begins online and offers the seeds for a face-to-face conversation later. It accelerates relationship building and offers others the chance to know me better as well.

Then there are just the plain ol’ fun things that happen, especially on Twitter which now boasts over 175 million registered accounts. Twitter makes it simple to connect with such a variety of people across the world. One day I had a question about a Tweet from NPR celebrity Scott Simon. So I asked him the source of his information. He answered back! I’m connected to writers in New York and farmers across the country. I get to converse with people interested in what I am. I also get lots of local, national, and international news from Twitter.

Today’s fun adventure from Twitter came after I re-tweeted a quote from William Faulkner about writing. A poet replied and asked about my interest in writing. He then sent me a poem with the agreement that I would send him a piece of writing in return. I’m posting it here as my part of the deal. As a poem, I really like it. I love the form and the exploration of someone’s “First Thoughts.” What I love more is that a stranger sent me a poem, and I can tell him publicly that I like it by posting it on my blog . . . which I will Tweet and post to Facebook.

Thank you, Heron Lloyd Tait for this poem. Follow him at @twttwit on Twitter. Follow me at @AngieAlbright.

First Thoughts©

The words, all six,
to which he surfaced
“good morning love,
I got awake”,
were first proof
the heart beats,
the cortices respond.
wished his love
and him did he
on that new day,
the best of life
as life can give.
her first meal,
he hoped, already down
and her resolve
to take on the world
now as palpable.
as for him,
ablutions complete,
he opened, would
make and take his
usual brew of nature’s
buds’ now homologous stew.
he’d hie about to impart
some clout to the world
he saw as at once beautiful,
simple and simply
complicated. aren’t
they lucky, opined he
to have part and share
of this piece of universe
where so diverse a product
of  darwinian selection
did call home?
whence the thought
of self may roam,
as well, thoughts
that we be more
than some in
and deeds, or, indeed,
less than some we may?
enjoy the thoughts,
he wished her,
her dreams as well
on this day bestowed
by Him to them,
whether their perception
made Him or Her
man or mannequin,
or game or gnome
on this fertile, for thought,
complicated, unforgiving,
save by Him or Her,
particle of universe.
forsake the thought,
though, that being
be complete without
the complementary
being or thing ethereal.
his wish of her inclusion
of him in her thoughts that day
conceded the possibility
that this could be
the only contact, one
with the other, made
till then when the
traverse begins anew
of their fiery orb.

Heron Lloyd Tait
April 19, 2011

~ by Angie Albright on February 22, 2012.

7 Responses to “Why I Love Twitter, Plus a Poem”

  1. You are so awesome Angie! Truly!

  2. Angie, Your blog post inspired me. Thanks for sharing. Deborah Singer Stuart

  3. I agree wholeheartedly! And the poem is beautiful as well. How fun!

  4. I am right there with you – heck, I have gotten to know YOU better because of Facebook and Twitter. They are powerful social tools. I know I am writing a lot lately about balance and taking charge of my time, but I think that is part of it all too. Thanks for another reminder why I keep coming back to these two tools.

  5. I admit the luddite in me has mixed feelings about social media. I just have this lingering strong love of mail that someone I love wrote on with their hands and then had delivered to me, I love that it requires handwriting skills, whole paragraphs, and focused thought (can you tell I taught English?). Still, FB has been a great addition to my own friend network as well, allowing me to connect with people I like but who I don’t want to write hundreds of letters to, and to network my own art and search for friends and fun with people I have indeed gotten to know through this medium. I suppose like Dr. Suess says, life is a great balancing act. I say as long as a person still writes and talks in real time once in a while, long live the brave new world of social media!

  6. superb post! Keep up the awesome work!

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